Wednesday, November 8, 2017


no one listens to what i post on soundcloud really and it makes me moody but i did this the weekend before halloween


new!! live!! mostly good i think!! free!!! for your amusement. new EMAIL address for monogamy cuz im sick of the bullshit, EMAILMONOGAMY[_at_]gmail[_dot_]com.

the art i made for this kind of sucks.

the rush of a new email address! the joy of an empty inbox.

monogamy show coming up 12/1 at burlington bar in Chicago. I haven't played at a bar here yet so now's my time to shine. It will cost 7$ but if you say hi I'd assuredly buy you a beer out of appreciation. Ava Lake made the poster and will be playing, so will be RONIN and Mason Cos.

its a cool poster imo

Thursday, August 24, 2017

batting order

what's up! nothing new really. sending out a few tracks for compilations. interview on blog "knife play" soon which should be nice even though i really never have much to say of note. setting up live dates i think, most likely in chicago in december. i dont have a lot to say but it seems like more and more people are going to this site so i am keeping the dream alive

 oh "side wound worship" as a tape label will be much more of a thing by like october

Thursday, June 15, 2017

DEMO 2017

new broadcast of emotional noise made as a benchmark of the path forward and because as much as i love semifloral (which is still in print btw!!!) i wanted to pull stuff together that sounded like the new short-haired loner music i'm doing live.

speaking of live, tell your friends in new mexico that im playing at burt's tiki lounge on june 23rd with technophobia and some locals! i might actually be playing late-ish, an exciting prospect for the perpetual opener. expect a lot of peaking sounds and less vocals than usual.

dont really know what else to put here, just having a good time with this stuff lately. get in touch!

Monday, May 29, 2017


first of probably a few new live demos as the new live setup takes form. hopefully playing a few shows in and around chicago this summer, working on it, youll be the first to know. trying to find some diamonds in these mines, etc, email/contact for more info. still plenty of copies of semifloral available, new tape ready to go pending interest, newer material coming together quick too

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New post

hey everyone, monogamy is now located in chicago, il. and will be for the foreseeable future. and seeking shows for the summer. contact DALYONS [at] uchicago [dot] edu

a new cassette tape is being readied for release gradually, but everything is recorded. the discography page has been updated to reflect all of the compliation features i can think of right now, enjoy hunting. youre gonna have to kill a hipster to get some of those CDrs of particular note for compilations are THIS JEROMES DREAM FLINT MICHIGAN CHARITY COMP TAPE as well as THIS UNREAD RECORDS COMMEMORATIVE COMP as well as THIS THING FROM MANIC REALISM THAT HAS A REALLY GOOD NEW SONG 

ok. next slide on the powerpoint

keep your eyes out for a new record label arising sometime late summer as a joint venture between chicago and new york city. side wound worship will be distributing titles through them but most excitingly will be releasing an array of new releases.

if you're enjoying this, get in touch at the above address, i'd love to hear from you.

hope you're doing well

Monday, August 29, 2016


the new monogamy record is out. order here or here from us, here for the "angelic gold" limited version via Citizen of the World, and here for the handpainted version from Almost Halloween Time in Italy. bless

words by Isaac Levine ( 

"Monogamy is releasing the 7" 'semifloral' ... and its one of the best things I've heard made in Ann Arbor since living here. Don has really struck his own in terms of songwriting and record "feel" and lightened up on the distortion a bit (just a bit) which I dig (jus sayin!). 
Don's deep record knowledge definitely informs his own style of more driven music and ballads alike. In the world of being some kind of 'DIY Songwriter', Don deftly avoids the pitfalls of preaching about friendship and aching love in ways too obvious or indulgent and instead speaks of his own far-out feelings as a story through which others can access what I can only guess is a long walk home under burning streetlights - red and clairvoyant, occasionally frustrated and wide open. . . and for me - epiphany prone." 


here's the record. i thanked a lot of people in the zine but also forgot a bunch of people. let life break your arms 


review from The Answer Is In The Beat: 

"This is a fantastic slice of multi-tracked noise-pop, carrying on the spirit of Eric’s Trip and the Microphones/Mount Eerie for the current era of DIY music. Don plays almost everything himself, including a ripping sax solo, an incinerating guitar solo, and buzzy synths on the jammer “Twenty-Twenty”. “Low Morale” is a Casiotone For The Painfully Alone-esque chipper electro-pop anthem about being really depressed. “Finally Happy” is a devastating ethereal goth This Mortal Coil ballad/duet, and Don’s voice kind of sounds like Mark Hosler from Negativland here. Fred Thomas mastered this and recorded most of it, so of course it sounds fantastic."

video premiere from Half Gifts: 
"Crunchy as dead foliage and just as warmly toned, "Enormous Mirror" is neat mound of autumnal decay piled neatly at the foot of a suburban lawn. Creaky power chords plus a sprinkle of glockenspiel accompany Monogamy's spectral stanzas and the deterioration of VHS footage. 
A pickup truck infiltrates the Circle K. 
The noisy floorboard wheezes." 

single premiere from Modern Vinyl: 
"Monogamy began as the solo work of Ann Arbor, Michigan multi-instrumentalist Donald Alfred Lyons III. Around the recording process of Semifloral, a five-track effort resulting from Lyons’ first experience with an outside producer, Lyons fleshed out his live roster with two more members to augment his one-man band. His noise pop, audible on “Low Morale” as intersecting synth melodies are suffocated by dirty, bitcrushed feedback, now features background vocals lifting to match his carnivorous yelp. Despite the upgraded roster, this latest iteration of the Michigan project is hungrier for absolution, pairing lyrical scenes of holding rosaries with another baring sharp teeth, than accessible songwriting, but perhaps catharsis is designed to precede catchiness."